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Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator

Many synths have an integrated arpeggiator, but the available parameters are still limited. There are also some good plugins but they are software.

So we designed a hardware MIDI arpeggiator, LIVE oriented.

8 voices

Up to eight simultaneous arpeggiators, for polyphonic phrases or routing to multiples midi channels and instruments.

One knob per function

Access all arpeggiator parameters instantly on dedicated potentiometers for live use.

Color Display

With a resolution of 128*160 pixels you always have a clear view of what is going on and where you are.

Backup your data

Session data is saved or loaded on the micro SD card in the back of the unit.

Première présentation du HAARP (Hardware Advances ARPeggiator) au Synthfest France le 2 Avril 2022

Now you want a HAARP in your setup ?

Let's keep in touch until it is available

Based on the MIOS midibox operating system, HAARP is pushing the boundaries of the arpeggiator, approaching sequencer-like features.

While retaining the essence of simple and effective loops, HAARP offers you many ways to create evolving and living patterns with pots and buttons.

No menu diving is necessary unless for example you want to build a complex midi routing, configure advanced triggers, set parameters filters or rename your session.

            Timing Section

            • On button : enable/disable the section
            • HOLD Button : holds/releases the notestack
            • MOTIF Pot : AS-PLAYED, UP, DOWN, UP-DOWN and 18 more motifs
            • RATE : from slowest to fastest, from 4 Bar to 32nd with dotted and Triplet value
            • RESYNC : retriggers the arpeggio, values are the same as RATE parameter
            • OFFSET : shifts left or right the starting step(note)
            • DELAY : delays the whole arpeggio within the step range(duration)
            • GATE : length of the Note
            • SHUFFLE : delays the odd steps (also called Groove)

            Note Section

            OCTave  Transposition , +/- 10. 
            SEMItone Transposition, +/-12 

            On button : enable/disable  Repeat 
            Repeat : LOOP length
            Yaw :  Note shifting on each loop, +/-32 semitones.

            FORCE TO SCALE
            On button : enable/disable Force to Scale
            SCALE :  127 different scales
            ROOT note for the scale

            Animation Section

            • On button : enable/disable Animation
            • vel/cc : switch from velocity to CC view
            • INITIAL/REGEN : +/- 100%
            • TIME : time to reach the target value
            • TARGET : targetted value, 0 to 127
            • RETRIG : if on the TIME is retriggered by the RESYNC parameter.    

            Desktop version

            Sturdy metal chassis

            Dual DIN5 MIDI input and output, USB-MIDI

            external 9-12VDC or USB powered

            Eurorack version

            The eurorack module is the very same layout as the desktop version.

            MIDI an USB are part of the dipcoreF4 module

            An additional module will provide you with 8 CV/Gate output channels